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Welcome to the official Cabarave. Cabarave variety nights are full of fun, excitement and sheer enjoyment where the audience are just as much a part of the show than the performers themselves. Devised in the 1990's by Miles Crawford and copied by many. .
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Welcome to Daves Comedy…

Here at Daves Comedy we provide the finest comedians from both the UK and across the world for your laughter and enjoyment.We hand pick both the venues and the acts and provide an atmosphere unrivalled in the industry.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will do our absolute best to help, whether it's about tickets, acts, bringing Daves Comedy to your venue or simply to give us feedback on your night out with us.

Our mission is simple... to make you laugh and forget your worries for an evening --- what could be better !
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Curry Lounge
110 Upper Parliament St, Nottingham
Acts on the night…
Vince Atta
Meryl O Rourke
Peter Phillipson
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Supported by

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David Elphik

T - 07547 977462